Neighborhood Events: The Art World Outside Citizen’s Door

The beauty of living at the crossroads of Manhattan’s Chelsea and Flatiron neighborhoods is the abundance of art galleries that offer unique exhibits by emerging and seasoned artists. Citizen is your ticket to get a closer look at the thought provoking and meaningful displays around the area.  A few upcoming shows that we think sound fascinating:

 “Hanging by A Thread” is the latest exhibit by Pinaree Sanpitak at the Tyler Rollins Fine Art gallery. Sanpitak is a Thai artist, a powerful advocate of the exploration of the women’s experience in Southeast Asia. Her art tends to highlight the most basic forms of the female body. “Hanging by a Thread” is a reaction to the recent flooding in Bangkok, and the traditional Thai printed cotton, “Paa-Lai” used in the exhibit is the fabric used for the relief bags. Sanpitak created woven hammocks from the material, suspended in air by a thin thread.  The cocoons represent nurturing, refuge and contemplation, a safe haven from precarious times. The exhibit runs until June 1.

At the Elizabeth Harris Gallery, Steve Currie’s “From an Old Drawing” is an innovative concept.  Currie uses sketch lines from his old drawings to create sculptures made from wire, wood, and plastic.  The exhibit takes old ideas and transforms them into something that is new, while embracing the essence of the past.  Currie hopes this will show viewers that sometimes you must look back in order to move forward. The exhibit runs until June 2.

Tyler Rollins Fine Art                   

529 W. 20th Street #10W             

New York, NY 10011                                               


Elizabeth Harris Gallery              

529 W. 20th Street 6th Floor

New York, NY 10011

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