New French Market at Chelsea Triangle

Chelsea’s food options just got elevated to a whole new plane with the recently opened European-style open air food market at the Chelsea Triangle on 9th Street between West 14th and 15th Street.  What could be better than picking up fresh cheese, madeleines, organic pasta and meats, artisanal baguettes, and more all in one place?  They even received special permission to install the exact same awnings as those used at the Paris street markets, so it feels like an authentic bit of France in the middle of Chelsea.  A short walk south from Citizen, the market is open Fridays and Saturdays through November 24th and is a perfect place to pick up supplies for a delicious homemade dinner at Chez Citizen!

Neighborhood Destinations: Madison Square Eats

Madison Square Eats - Just down the street from Citizen

For the past few days, we at Citizen have been taking full advantage of the return of one of the best food events in the city – Madison Square Eats.  Just down the street from Citizen, the triangle of land between 5th Avenue, Broadway and 23rd Street called Worth Square has been transformed into an outdoor food extravaganza replete with tables and umbrellas decorated with iconic Marimekko prints (their new store is right across the street).  Some of the city’s most raved about eateries are here – Roberta’s Pizza, Asiadog, Calexico, Hong Kong Street Cart, Mile End, and Red Hook Lobster Pound to name a few.  With plenty of seating, it’s hard to resist going for lunch, dinner or a quick snack and it is just one of the many reasons we love the Madison Square neighborhood!

Madison Square Eats is conveniently (too conveniently!) open every day from 11 am – 9 pm through June 1st.  23rd Street between 5th Avenue and Broadway.

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